Buddha Bowls

Good for your body, spirit and soul: Buddha Bowls

Whether it’s a poké bowl, smoothie bowl or nutri bowl, food bowls are fun, delicious and easy to prepare. Perfect for a healthy lunch or to serve as a pleasant surprise when guests visit.

This month, we made Buddha Bowls... and not only because we find the name delightful! In a bowl full to the brim, the delicious fresh ingredients bulge out like a round Buddha's belly. How charming! wink

But there is more behind the trend of the Buddha Bowl: it originates from a ritualized and meditative appreciation of food called Ōryōki, devised from Zen Buddhism. Precise processes, conscientiousness and gratitude form the foundations of the tradition. In Buddhist Zen monasteries, monks eat in silence and practice mindfulness. They consume only as much as their body and mind require to meet their daily needs.

With Ōryōki, each monk usually has his own set consisting of around three bowls, chopsticks and a napkin. The largest bowl is called zuhatsu in Japanese, or Buddha Bowl. It symbolizes the head and the wisdom of Buddha. The term Buddha Bowl has far more significance than a modern hipster name given to a large mixed salad.

What Belongs in a Buddha Bowl?

There are no set limits: everything you like and anything you fancy! A nice round bowl is a good place to start. Fruits and vegetables packed with vitamins and minerals should form the foundation; fresh banana, pineapple or melon are great additions.

Beans or quinoa provide plenty of protein, feeding the muscles and helping to build and repair body tissue. Complex carbohydrates - for example, those found in wholemeal pasta, rice or sweet potatoes - ensure blood sugar levels rise slowly and keep you full for longer.

And healthy fats, such as those found in avocados or nuts, complete the mix for the ultimate balanced meal.

Most important of all: Try a little Ōryōki; take your time to savour and enjoy your colouful creation, appreciating each and every delicious mouthful. Not only is it good for you, but it will also keep you feeling full for longer.

Tropical Salmon: Fyffes Spicy Bowl


  • Cut fresh salmon (sushi quality) into small cubes and marinate in soy sauce and lime juice for about 5 minutes.
  • Meanwhile, dice into cubes ¼ cucumber, ¼ Fyffes pineapple and ¼ red pepper.
  • Put 3 tablespoons of ready-cooked quinoa into a beautiful bowl, top up with the vegetables, pineapple and the marinated salmon.
  • Why not try a sauce made with natural yoghurt, lime juice and peel and mayonnaise (season to taste).
  • Top with pan fried pineapple seasoned with Paprika for a tasty, wholesome meal.

It's That Easy: Fyffes Smoothie Bowl with Kiwi


  • Peel 3 kiwis, cut into thin slices and set aside for the garnish. Roughly dice the remaining kiwis.
  • Wash and spin dry 120 g of spinach. Peel 1 Fyffes pineapple half, remove from the stalk and chop roughly.
  • Peel 1 orange and cut into pieces. Peel 1 Fyffes banana, cut into pieces and drizzle with lemon juice.
  • Blend the spinach and fruit with 250 g yoghurt, 1 tbsp honey and 150 ml milk and share between 4 bowls.
  • Garnish with chia seeds, fresh raspberries and ground walnuts. Cover with banana slices. Serve immediately.

Triple B: Banana Blueberry Bowl


  • Soak 1 tablespoon of chia seeds in 150 ml milk, e.g. almond milk for at least 15 minutes (or overnight) to allow them to swell.
  • Add 1 Fyffes banana, 150 g blueberries, 2 tbsp natural yoghurt, 1 tbsp agave syrup plus a handful of pecans and oats to a blender and mix to a thick smoothie consistency.
  • Add the smoothie to a bowl and garnish with various toppings.

Fyffes Bowl Hacks

  • Blending frozen bananas will give your Bowl a wonderfully thick consistency.
  • Ripe bananas can be frozen and used at a later date for various recipes. In addition, bananas are a great natural sweetener!
  • Oatmeal or chia seeds can be used as a thickener for a smoothie bowl.
  • Chia seeds should be soaked for a minimum of 15 minutes to allow them to swell.
  • For a quick breakfast: Prepare your smoothie bowl the night before and place it in the fridge overnight. The next morning, garnish with a few toppings and voila! A wonderful start to the day!