Healthy Breakfast

Good morning. You deserve a bright day.

Check out our yummy energy boosts to shake off those winter blues!

We’d love you to start the day with a smile on your face and believe us, your breakfast can really make a difference! Do you prefer just a cup of black coffee or rather a fresh jam sandwich or even eggs and bacon? Well, we’d like to share 5 of our favourite get-up-and-go breakfasts with you to see what you think.

What makes a powerpack breakfast?

Fresh fruits provide the first vitamins of the day. Yogurt, quark, cheese or egg give you proteins for long-term saturation. If you need to concentrate right away, your brain power will benefit from carbohydrates. Choose long-chain carbohydrates from whole grains, fruits or vegetables over sugary cereals or sweet spreads. And to indulge yourself with all the vitamins and minerals, variety is key.

We would say this wouldn’t we, but did you know that Fyffes bananas are the perfect natural energy bar? That’s why you’ll find them in almost all our breakfast ideas wink

Super easy recipes which will load you with energy

Sleep-over party: The Fyffes overnight oats

Do you have little time in the morning but still want a rich and powerful breakfast? Overnight oats are prepared in the evening and soaked overnight – so they are easy to digest. Add some slices of banana and hey presto – the natural carbs in the oatmeal and the bananas give you power for the whole morning!

And this is how it works: Just mix two hands full of oatmeal, 1 tablespoon chopped nuts of your choice (we love cashews) with 3 tablespoons natural yogurt and add enough water or milk that the flakes can still swell. Cover the mix up and put it in the refrigerator overnight. In the morning cut the Fyffes banana, add it and you’re done!

Spread the love: The Fyffes fitness bread

Do you love fresh bread and feel that a real breakfast must not be missing a slice of hearty bread?

We understand that: How about the following upgrade for your morning routine?

Spread cream cheese and honey on the bread of your choice, place Fyffes banana slices and maybe mango slices on top and garnish your masterpiece with fresh blueberries.

It tastes good, it's healthy, it sweetens your morning – and looks great on your Instagram channel wink

Spice it up: The Fyffes banana smoothie

Do you need a bit of help waking up in the morning? The ginger in our banana smoothie not only invigorates your system, but also strengthens your body's defense power. Ginger contains a lot of vitamin C and can help to strengthen your immune system, especially during the grey winter months.

And this is how it works: Cut 2 Fyffes bananas and half a Fyffes pineapple into square pieces, place them in a blender and fill with about 200 ml of fresh apple juice. Slowly add some minced ginger and taste the smoothie in between so that it does not become too spicy. Because with ginger, less is sometimes more! Pour the smoothie into two large glasses and enjoy the fresh taste!

For later: happy breakfast to go

You’re still not convinced? We don’t want to nag, but at some point the hunger will sneak around the corner and relying on the usual snack offer will make it hard to find nutritious, fresh and vitamin-loaded options.

How about pouring the smoothie recipe in to a to-go cup to enjoy it on the run? If our overnight oats got your attention you can easily prepare them at the end of your office day and store them in the office fridge to be enjoyed the next morning… with a fresh banana of course!

In fact, the sealable lunchbox could become your best friend if you’re not an at home breakfast person – filled with nuts, yogurt and your favorite muesli or just a plain banana it’s surely unbeatable for easiness.

But first, coffee!

If you are open to something new, you can also try a Bulletproof Coffee. The mixture of freshly brewed coffee, butter and coconut oil provides energy for hours! It’s the ideal breakfast for breakfast-skippers who are too lazy or tired to chew in the morning smiley

We can thank the Himalayan Sherpas for the idea of adding butter to a hot drink. The butter and oil make the drink very creamy and provide the body with instant energy (the coconut oil contains mainly medium-chain triglycerides and these quickly reach the liver). The long-chain triglycerides of butter however, require digestive enzymes and bile acid and so take longer to be processed, releasing the caffeine from the coffee into the bloodstream more slowly. That’s why this drink gives both instant and longer term  energy hits – clever!

So from now on, you should never have to start the day without a powerpack breakfast …Oh, happy days ...